Top 5 Free Places to Advertise Your Business Online |

Many small business owners put up a website with the expectation that they will receive a flood of new customers from the great global online marketplace that is the Internet. Inevitably they are met with doubt and disappointment when their expectations are not met. Just like a brick and mortar business, an online website must be advertised before customers will find it to purchase products and services. Read on to learn about the top 5 free places to advertise your business online.List Your Business on the DMOZThe DMOZ, or the Open Directory Project, is the best online directory your business can be listed in. Not only is it one of the most used generic directories on the internet, it’s also highly regarded by Google because of the strict standards their editors uphold for listing websites. A listing in the DMOZ can help increase your Google search engine ranking over time providing your website with even greater long-term exposure.

Create a Google Local Search ListingGoogle gets more queries each day than all of the other search engines combined. When you create a free listing for your business with Google Local Search, users close to your business will see your location marked on a map displayed prominently on the top right of their screen every time they search for terms related to your business.Search Engine SubmissionMany companies offer paid services to submit your website to all of the major search engines. What you probably didn’t know is that you can do this yourself manually and pay nothing. There are only 5 major search engines that you desperately need to submit your website to: Google, Yahoo, Microsoft’s Bing, AOL, and Ask. Others with smaller market share will probably pick up your listing in time.Create Content for Free Article Marketing DirectoriesOne of the best ways to advertise is your business online is to write articles that are directly related to your business and submit them to free article marketing directories. For example, if you own a craft store and want to sell crafting products online, create and submit a tutorial that leads readers back to your website to purchase the supplies they will need to complete the project. There are many free directories you can submit to, but EZineArticles.Com is one of the better ones.

Blog Listing on TechnoratiMost small businesses today are keeping a blog in addition to or as a part of their business website since content rich sites tend to attract more return visitors. If your business keeps a blog, be sure to get a free listing on Technorati.There are many more places where businesses can advertise their websites for free online. The Top 5 free places to advertise your business should provide you with a solid start to promoting your website online. With a well advertised website, traffic and sales should increase in time.

Start Your Own Business Online and Exceed Your Earning Expectations |

Are you in the process of starting your own business online or considering it? Here are some strategies to help you build a valuable business that exceeds your earning expectations.Establish a strong continuity program
Continuity programs enable clients to purchase a series of products, often for a lower price if they were acquired independently. They also allow you to sell more and provide a regular income that you can count on. New entrepreneurs frequently make the mistake of placing too much focus on the single purchase big-ticket items or the small items that are easy to sell. Continuity programs on the other hand can take a little more effort to sell due to the commitment the client is making and they rarely provide big up front gains for the seller, but the long term benefits are substantial.

Create a complete product funnel that leads clients through each stage of their journey with you.
Establish a product funnel that provides options for the new low commitment client as well as the highly involved client that is looking for a comprehensive high service solution as well as everything in between. This will allow you to serve more of the people in your target market as well as create stepping-stones for them to move through the product funnel on to more advanced merchandise.Invest your time in creating automated systems that allow you to do more with less time.
Use technology and outsourcing to leverage your time and put your company on autopilot.Regularly dedicate time to working on adding value to your business, instead of just running it.
One of the biggest benefits of an online business is that the high level of automation provides you with the time necessary to work on projects that can add substantial value to your company.Approach your marketing in an orderly way and record all results.
Creativity in you marketing is an asset but if you want to consistently improve your techniques you need to make systematic changes and track the results, otherwise you will always be reliant on luck for good results.

Regularly search for a suitable joint venture partner.
A synergistic relationship with a joint venture partner can become a very profitable endeavor. You can search for your future joint venture easily, the way that I did by creating a small list of 30 or so companies and putting together a marketing campaign that consists of e-mail and direct mail letters that are sent periodically throughout the year.